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The BJJ Shrimp Showdown: WNC Kids Cup is a jiu-jitsu tournament just for kids! All affiliations and levels are welcome. This is a submission-only tournament with gi and no gi divisions available. Open to ages 4-15. Limit of 50 competitors.

Hosted by Open Source Jiu-Jitsu, an independent, unaffiliated, family-run gym with years of experience organizing BJJ tournaments. These “small batch” tournaments are beginner-friendly and intentionally accessible to allow more people to compete and strengthen BJJ in Western North Carolina.
Date: Saturday, April 23, 2022
Location: Open Source Jiu-Jitsu • 357 Gorman Bridge Rd, Asheville NC 28806
Registration Deadline: Friday, April 22, 2022 at 7 PM


Open to ages 4-15 of all levels and all affiliations. Register online at SmoothComp. Registration will close the day before the competition [Friday, April 22 at 7 PM]. There will be no in-person registration the day of the event.


*This is our first time using SmoothComp, so we appreciate your patience with us while we navigate the new technology. Brackets will not be posted online prior to the tournament.




  • GI with weight classes

  • NO-GI with weight classes


Due to the small number of participants in this tournament, divisions will be determined after all registrations have been completed. Our goal is to create divisions that allow each child to have as many matches as possible in a safe and challenging bracket. Weight, experience and age (in that order) will be taken into account for each division so that competitors are matched with children of a similar size and experience level. Divisions will be co-ed. 


Divisions will be determined the day of the competition after weigh-ins.



  • All brackets are double elimination/ round robin (depending on participant count) to give each competitor as many matches as possible. 

  • This is a sub-only format. Each match will be 3 minutes and the competitor that achieves a submission will be the winner. At the end of 3 minutes, if there is no submission, we will begin a 2-minute overtime where scoring will be recorded. If the time expires and there is STILL a tie, whoever scores the next point will be declared the winner and the match will be over (i.e. "sudden death overtime"). [Please note - this format has been slightly updated since we published this due to Smoothcomp requirements to declare a winner.]

  • During the 2-minute overtime, the IBJJF point system will be used.

  • Our space allows for two matches to be running at the same time.



  • 1 division = $55

  • 1 division + Competition t-shirt = $70

  • 2 divisions = $65

  • 2 divisions + Competition t-shirt = $80


Family discounts available - email us for more info.


  • Spectators = Free

  • Parking = $5 per vehicle 


*Parking is limited. Please consider car-pooling.




  • 4 Points: Full mount, Back mount

  • 3 Points: Passing the guard, Passing the half guard

  • 2 Points: Takedown, Guard sweep, Half guard sweep, Knee on belly

  • We will not be using advantages.

ILLEGAL MOVES {Click here for complete list}


  • Any color gi is allowed.

  • For No Gi divisions, any color rash guard or tight-fitting t-shirt may be worn.

  • For No Gi divisions, shorts, board shorts, leggings, gi pants or any other athletic bottom without pockets or zippers may be worn.

  • For No Gi divisions, competitors may not compete shirtless.


All registrations can now be completed online through SmoothComp.

Questions or concerns? Shoot us an email at

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